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It is critical to follow all preparation and aftercare instructions for your appointment in order to achieve optimal results. This well help avoid excessive bleeding and poor color deposit. Please read carefully prior to your appointment to arrange your schedule accordingly.


Note: For the most flattering result let your eyebrows grow out as much as possible without waxing, tweezing, or threading your brows.



- Chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, electrolysis, laser hair removal

- Botox above your brows

- Avoid Retinol, retin A, AHA on forehead/brow area. Application BELOW eyes is ok.

- No vitamin E

The above leave immature skin in area of treatment very thin and you will bleed excessively or reject pigment.



- No coffee, alcohol, smoking or other stimulants (caffeine, pre-workouts, energy drinks etc)

- No aspirin, Ibuprofen, fish oil, Vitamin E (unless medically necessary)

- Stop any blood thinning medications (if possible) or supplements like fish oils a few days prior



- Avoid exercising the day of the appointment to avoid excessive bleeding

- You can come with brows drawn on or clean face (keep foundation light)


Your brows will gradually get darker. As they get darker, the scabs will form and as the scabs form they will also begin to look darker and thicker. The scabs will then fall off in different areas at different times during the scabbing/peeling process over the net 1-3 weeks (varies for each individual). Your eyebrows will be really patchy and uneven. The pigment underneath the scab will be very light. Almost like, the pigment came off with the scab, but as long as the scab/peeling was not forced off, the color will come back when you're fully healed. If any scabbing/peeling is forced off the pigment will be pulled out and there is a chance of scarring. As soon as all the scabbing is done, you can put makeup on them until the color comes back and you can return to your normal face washing routine. Once you're 4 - 6 weeks healed, you will be able to see the true shape, size and color.


You have to be at least 6 weeks healed to schedule a touch up. To schedule a touch-up please message your artist for the link to access the touch up calendar to book your appointment. Touch up appointments are to refresh the color, make adjustments to the shape, touch up spots that have faded, to go darker or thicker.

Full detailed aftercare will be sent to your e-mail after the appointment.

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